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Earthplane ~ All About The Music

Travel with us now back to a time when music was progressive, challenging and often outrageous. When musicians were first and foremost musicians ... or actors ... or cross dressers ... or all of the above. But for the intrepid members of Earthplane it was all about the music. Not about money, power and fame. And as luck would have it, we never got much of either one. But we made and played some great music.

How it began

From The Beatles to The New Riders of the Purple Sage to The Cars and back again. Examine the roots and influences that led a bunch of (seemingly) normal kids from the Midwest to chuck their Keds and Man from U.N.C.L.E. lunchboxes for bell-bottoms and platform shoes. (OK, one of us still has the lunch box.)

Where it began

Despite the cliché phrase "garage band," most teen angst-driven combos are really "basement bands" (except in areas where houses can't have basements). The reason for this is simple when you think about it neighbors. Parents may (grudgingly) tolerate the gawdawful cacophony wailing up from the floor joists like a thousand hounds from hell, but neighbors, no matter how friendly they are otherwise, will have none of it (unless, of course, their kid is in the band, too).

What Kept It Going

As we discover later in this adventure, the answer is: Gear, baby! And a genuine love of playing and making music, of course. (It sure wasn't the money!)

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